Providing a quality product to global partners

Trust us with your fertilisers, fertiliser raw materials and agri commodities

Valtant Commodities’ team of expert agricultural professionals have been providing specialist services in fertilisers, fertiliser raw materials and agri commodities for over a decade.

With a presence in Europe, America and Africa; Valtant works through our experienced representatives or agents to provide specialist supplies in Nitrogen, Phosphate Soluble and Complex fertilisers.

Our global outreach as a trading company makes us a major player in the industry and a partner you will need in your farming industry. Valtant takes pride in actively seeking out; and working with key stakeholders and decision makers to understand and meet your agricultural & farming needs.

By adapting to the diverse agricultural, environmental and economic challenges we face; we are confident we will be able to provide a quality experience to global partners focusing on arable and grasslands across the world.

Our Mission

Valtant Commodities are committed to environmental sustainability, including climate change. We are working with our global thought leaders to meet the challenges of the industry and will ensure we respond by delivering products, services and solutions to our customers, smartly and efficiently. We intend to do this by working towards the distribution of green ammonia as a carbon free energy solution. Valtant is working towards keeping our environment’s best interest at heart and we believe we have a responsibility to work with experts in our industry to produce and provide the most appropriate and relevant information on the best practice for the use of our products.

Our Values


We take responsibility for our actions and build trust with both our suppliers and buyers; striving to deliver on time, while offering cost efficient products.


We will work with all our stakeholders to provide the most compatible fertiliser solutions to farmers, enabling crops to optimise use of nutrients thereby ensuring it reaches its genetic potential while minimising environmental impacts.

Customer Focus

Our knowledge and products are our biggest assets, which means we will work hard at engaging with our buyers & suppliers and provide the best customer service.


By striving for excellence to be the best in the fertiliser industry; we will focus on what is best for the environment and our clients alike.