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We empower qualified, passionate women to own and run successful high quality ECD centres in low-income communities through our proven social franchise model.

Donate or Fund

Leave a lasting legacy within education that impacts generations to come.

What poor quality early learning education is doing to our country is not acceptable. Most ECD Centres in low-income communities don’t have proper, safe facilities, the right equipment and resources, skilled and trained teachers, or structured ECD programmes to ensure quality learning.

Our comprehensive solution

Like you, we care deeply about ensuring that children from under-resourced communities receive 5 Star education in their most crucial years. We also understand that this quality must be sustainable, accessible and should also support job creation.

That’s why we offer a simple, proven solution to provide high-quality ECD education for children in low-income communities so that they can step out of poverty and thrive. Using social franchising, we help women run successful, professional educare centres with the children at heart.

Partner with GROW for quality early learning and sustainable employment:

How to donate

Donate online at GivenGain

Secure online donations using any bank card.

Donate via direct EFT or bank transfer

Transfer funds directly into our bank account. Please email your proof of payment to so that we can send you a section 18A tax certificate.

Account Name: Grow Educare Centres
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: 100 Graystone drive
Branch Code: 580105
Type of Account: Current Account
Account Number: 10011899076

Donate Bitcoin

Step 1: Create a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading account

Step 2: Deposit bitcoin to GROW Educare Centre’s Bitcoin deposit address from your digital wallet or bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin deposit address:  3CTiAWog8GEgQEXuN1h7DYXXQTcXD6R5Rj

Step 3. Email us your proof of payment to inform us of the donation

Good to know:

  • Only schools in disadvantaged communities, with the right attitude and leadership potential, and who are committed to 5-Star ECD are selected through our recruitment process.
  • We are a partner to the ECD centre to guide and support them, empowering them to reach their full potential.
  • We provide a comprehensive all-in-one solution; we are your single point of contact.
  • We believe that each centre can be financially sustainable within 3 years to allow Funders to have maximum impact: we help centres to achieve this.
  • We assist schools through the often difficult process of registration to ensure they receive the much-needed government grants.

Funders can support a variety of initiatives, including:

  1. Adopt-an-ECD programme (read more here).
  2. Yes for Youth Teacher Interns
  3. Teacher training and professional development
  4. Rewards and incentives for deserving Educare Centres, such as
  • Outdoor play area upgrades
  • Infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • Books and educational toys
  • Stationery and art consumables

Benefits of donating

Section 18A Tax certificates

Companies qualify for BBBEE points under Social Economic Development (SED)

Donors are invited to site visits

Equip ECD centres to be sustainable professional businesses

Provide children with high quality early learning opportunities